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Month: January, 2012


i’m thinking about posting some of my favorite shots from our july ’11 trip to istanbul, turkey. i loved istanbul. what an amazing place.


happy lunar new year

in honor of the lunar new year the empire state building was yellow and red. very cool.

the high line

oh, how i love the high line in new york city. we visited it a few years ago when it first opened and it was amazing. now, it is even better. there are so many cool things; a bird colony, chaise lounges that slide along the tracks, and the colored windows that are supposed to represent the colors of water. i can’t wait to go back once it is complete.

times square is a strange place

i haven’t been to times square since it was super seedy. that changed earlier this week when i went to the new and improved(?) times square. it sure is bright, even first thing in the morning. it is a fantastic place to people watch and to listen to a world of languages. in the the p.m.

gettin’ our art on at the moma, nyc

metano escaping technologyart(?)


more details from the cathedral church of st. john the divine, harlem, nyc.
such a special place.

on the drive

every morning I take the same route to work. sometimes i stop when it is especially beautiful (it is always ordinarily beautiful.)

winter walk

barton pond
it was a beautiful winter morning. the girl asks as soon as she wakes if she can go play in the snow. she finds some bunny tracks with blood, she is very upset thinking that a bunny was hurt, or worse. we decide to walk by the frozen pond, as a distraction. she tells me she built a snow chair and she sometimes sits in it and pretends she is the snow queen.

the cathedral church of st. john the divine garden

very small jigsaw puzzle