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Month: January, 2009


365 & 01/28/2009

28:365 & 01/28/2009

I suppose it’s not really cheating since I am the one making up the rules.  Today I spend 2.5 hours at my haircut appointment.  It was just a haircut, not cut and color, or some other complicated process.  It threw my whole day into disarray.  The remainder of the day was spent doing errands and other such nonsense.  Plus, it snowed.  Again.


My Lady



I have four of these ladies.  They are vases.  For flowers maybe?  I’ve had these since I was single, long before I had kids.  I’ve always loved them.  The thing about them, though, is that each one has at least one significant flaw.  I don’t know why the ladies make me happy, they just do.

The Afternoon Snack



My husband made a most delicious dinner last night.  Braciola (involtini is the proper italian name so says wikipedia), rigatoni and salad.  It was scrumptious.  He also picked up these cupcakes for dessert.  Since I ate too much of the meal I couldn’t even think about eating dessert.  Today this little cupcake was torturing me, calling my name.  And boy was it yummy.

On Thin Ice



I went for a walk today.  By myself.  All alone.  It was fantastic.  I walked down the railroad tracks along the river.  The river is frozen.  I know this because there was a man with his two children ice fishing.  In the middle of the river.  I figured if they were safe on the ice then I would be too.  I’m a chicken, though, so I only went about a foot off of the river’s edge onto the ice.  That is where this photo was made.

Here are some other images from my walk:




A New Project

My Window

My Window

Ever since we moved in to this house I have been drawn to making photos out of this window.  But how boring.  The same view day after day.  Then I decided that since I am on the Project 365 kick anyway I would make a photo of this view everyday at about the same time of day.  I’m really interested to see the change over the course of time and at the same time indulge my obsession with this window.  It’s sort of like Van Gogh’s Monet’s haystacks, don’t you think?

This will be day one of that project.  I will put these photos on a different page on this site called “My Daily View”  Let me know what you think.

this very morning



there is this window, a large window, in the dining room that has the most amazing light in the morning.  it is also the window that shows us the sunrise.  through this window we can watch the kids play in the snow.  then there is the view of the river.  all from this same window.  we’ve been in this house for less than a month now but i already can’t imagine living without this window.





we had a little get-together last night at our house.  it was to celebrate our new president, our new house and just for fun.  i really love to have lots of candles lit when we entertain.  i think it makes everything look cozy and warm.  we aren’t completely settled in yet.  the house still needs a lot of work to make it into our home, but it is coming along nicely.

this means nothing



i like to try to be funny.  most of the time i’m not.  when i uploaded this picture i wanted to make a joke about burning the candle at both ends.  yadda, yadda, blah, blah.  just not funny.  i suppose it is good that i realize i am not funny “on paper.”  i still think i’m pretty entertaining in person, though.

sometimes it’s difficult to decide



there are days already in this project where there is not one photo that i want to name as the daily pic.  today is not one of those days.  not that either of these images are stellar, they are mediocore really.  i think the problem is that i took so few shots today in order to make the daily pic that i was pleasantly surprised.  i like both of these pics.


The light of a new hope



The light of a new hope.  i feel hopeful and proud of us, all of us.  his speech today was perfect, perfect for today.  i hope he can be lifted up by the heavy burden of so much hope, so much desire for change.