In a New York state of mind

Empire State Building in fog

The Empire State Building on a foggy night.  It rained and it rained during our visit which only mildly put a damper on our good time.

A surprise from my husband for our 15th anniversary was two nights at this fancy hotel, The Standard.  It was young and hip and luxurious.

The subway on our way to the campus of Columbia University.  What an amazing campus, right in the heart of the City.  No photos, though, because it was a deluge.

When I started this blog I was in a much darker place in my life.  Things are much better now, thank goodness.  I thought that I didn’t want to continue with this and actually started a new one but I’ve reconsidered.  I hope to post here more regularly for now on.

Oh, and more NYC pics to come if you’re interested.