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Month: March, 2012


DSC01651 _Snapseedthe morning after a terrible thunderstorm came through. i used snapseed to convert this to b & w. snapseed is so simple to use, perfect for me since i have no patience for post processing.


finding color where there is none

we went for a walk last weekend on a very gray day where the color seemed to drain from the woods. we found color, though. such beautiful color.

oh gillie

this cat is strange and wonderful. he will sit on an empty chair near the table while we eat breakfast just to be with us (or so it seems). he never tries to get on the table and we don’t ever feed him. maybe this isn’t unusual?

north campus

the morning view from my office building. also the view from the balcony where a hot tub mysteriously appeared one cold february sunday morning.


i love where we live. i stopped here on my way to my office. i get to take this drive every day. i am lucky.