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DSC01651 _Snapseedthe morning after a terrible thunderstorm came through. i used snapseed to convert this to b & w. snapseed is so simple to use, perfect for me since i have no patience for post processing.


finding color where there is none

we went for a walk last weekend on a very gray day where the color seemed to drain from the woods. we found color, though. such beautiful color.

oh gillie

this cat is strange and wonderful. he will sit on an empty chair near the table while we eat breakfast just to be with us (or so it seems). he never tries to get on the table and we don’t ever feed him. maybe this isn’t unusual?

north campus

the morning view from my office building. also the view from the balcony where a hot tub mysteriously appeared one cold february sunday morning.


i love where we live. i stopped here on my way to my office. i get to take this drive every day. i am lucky.

i’m no bowler

a good time was had by all, even though i was beat by a 7-year-old. sigh.

parental involvement

monday was parental involvement day at the elementary school. i spend the day with the girl going through the 2nd grade paces. fun was had.


this happened


DSC00895we live very close to these train tracks. whenever i cross them (which is a lot) i feel compelled to take this kind of photo. i love the way they look in different light and from different angles. i think i’ll just keep on shooting them.

galata tower views – also, the moment i realized the only lens i brought was broken

so, i rented a lens for our trip to istanbul. a fancy lens, one with a red line around it. i thought it would be the only lens i would need. i put it on my trusty canon 40d and off we went. i did use it some before we left but not enough. we arrived in istanbul in the evening, just enough time for dinner and to fall in to bed. i didn’t use it much that night. For our first full day we had planned to go to the chora church then to galata tower. the lens seemed fine at the church, then at galata it started freaking out; not focusing at all. i could only get it to focus at certain focal lengths. it was terrible. Luckily, i had brought my little canon elph and took most of my istanbul photos with it.

on to the galata tower. The views are amazing in all directions. if you are afraid of heights or being on a fairly narrow ledge you should probably be prepared to be uncomfortable. it’s totally worth it, though. i wish we had gone back at either sun-up or sun-down because i’m sure that would have been glorious.